In May, 2018 I was honored to become the first female Chief Meteorologist in the state of Nevada.

Before starting my career in broadcast meteorology, I was a research scientist and PhD student in Climatology. But sitting behind a computer and doing research just wasn’t enough for me, I wanted to get people excited about weather and science. So I decided to leave my PhD program in hopes to find a better way to reach the community and help bridge the gap between science and society!

I am a proud Jayhawk and University of Kansas alumna. I received my B.S. and M.S. in Atmospheric Science both with focuses in Hydrology. During my undergraduate time (when I wasn’t chasing tornadoes) I co-authored a paper focused on understanding carbon fluxes in prairies. During my masters my focused shifted to solving national problems related to extreme temperature and precipitation events. During my time at KU and UNR, I was given the opportunity to present at many national and international scientific conferences, including; The American Meteorological Society’s Annual Agriculture and Forest Meteorology Conference, The World Climate Research Programme Open Science Conference, and The Fall Meeting of The American Geophysical Union.12289511_1536992606592464_1512305012293840723_n.jpg

In my free time, I enjoy practicing as well as teaching yoga. I also enjoy hiking and exploring with the cutest two boxers you’ll ever meet, Jay Rowdy and Zella. I also volunteer for Delta Delta Delta and believe in the power that a women’s organization has on building up young leaders, promoting scholarship, and teaching self sacrifice through service.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions about the weather, environmental stories, or just to say hi! You can reach out to me on Facebook @Meteorologist Cassie Wilson, connect with me on Twitter @CassieWilsonWX, or follow me on Instagram @barefootweather.